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Listening to Bill Clinton put his spin on the victory in Kosovo, I asked myself, "Am I missing something?" I am a veteran of World War II. As I recall at the end of the war the enemy - Germany, Italy and Japan - were beaten into submission, disarmed, and occupied. Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini were dead, the military was disbanded, there weapons of war destroyed, the countries occupied and leaders of the three countries tried as war criminals. Alliances were formed, which includes NATO, that have kept these countries good citizens for half a century. That was true victory.

We turned our back on victory with a negotiated peace in Kosovo, where forces have been in place for 40 years to keep the waring factions at peace. In Bosnia, we admitted that if our troops were to leave after three years, war would start all over again. The Kosovo fiasco ends only with a a cessation of activity. We stop bombing, history repeats itself. The Serbs are told to stop fighting and go home with their weapons of war, with Slobodan Milosevic in charge. The KLA is to disarm as the Kosovars come home. Our troops will be there untold years to ensure their safety. In all of this we have negotiated away many of goals we set prior to the bombing.

If President Clinton had served in the military when it was his turn, he might have been smart enough to recognize there is no victory. Just another stalemate that will come back to haunt us. Barney Barnd - Opinion; Fresno Bee 8 July.

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