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On 7/17/99 10:37:02 AM, bobsheridan wrote:
>That's pretty scary, O.T.
>I'm gonna havta revise the
>image I have of you.
>No more little old lady in
>tennis shoes.
>Combat boots and shotgun,
>-rs :)
Right "U" are rs - I've seen dem b & s, she keeps em right next to her "Ms. domestic" ruffled apron and wigs collection. LOL.

I've heard rumor She's the one who disguises herself as a Curtis Dudedette then runs the hot spots of Hoftopia Land with Bolo DeJolo jumping on tables, dancing like a frisky minsky's and SHE my friend - flashes dem "eeegaddddssss" red hot underoos of her's all oVa da place.


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