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OT was so intoxicated by the Thunderbird wine that she posted a report of the day's events twice in her diary. However, the nuns escorted her to the Convent and she got a good night's sleep.

The next morning she got up and found her way down to the dining hall. She greeted the nuns with a loud "good morning" and got an admonishing finger to the lips sign of "be silent" in response.

This convent belonged to the ???? Order that had a vow of silence in effect once one was inside its' walls. OT shrugged it off and started humming "Fallink in Luf Again" to herself. This annoyed the mother superior and she told her assistant to throw OT out as soon as she was finished eating.

Out on the streets of Bayonne, OT could see SI as a green oasis in the distance framed by Joisey's Oil tanks and the Pulaski Skyway...would she ever be able to get home again?????

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