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My "inlaws" were Spencer M. Pynn and sons plumbing, heating and air conditioning, inc. In this household, all available men work on the job site and the women do the bills, clean and cook.

During med school and even after graduation I would go out with my father-in-law and his sons on jobs. During one Thanksgiving holiday I went out on a job to put in soil lines in an apartment complex project. We were all up to our elbows in mud because it had been raining for several days and all of us were pretty dirty by the time we took a lunch break.

While sitting with the guys having lunch a guy in a three piece pinstripe suit came over and started chatting us up. He was standing and we were sitting on the floor so you can get the slope of his eye contact with us -- and his attitude.

He was a Lionel Trains salesman and proud to have a white collar job. He talked about the recession. This was during the early 1980's. oldest brother in law pipes up and tells him, "You think times are tough eh......Look at dat guy over der.....He's a doctor!!" I smiled politely and the Lionel Salesman quickly walked away.

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