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On 7/15/99 9:09:37 PM, Rich LaDieu wrote:
>re the lack of side walks.
>i used to live on the island.
>i moved away 26 years ago
>(approximately). i moved to
>an area in prince georges
>county maryland where we did
>not have sidewalks. and i
>loved it. i did not have to
>clear snow off the sidewalk
>because there was none to
>clear. i just shoveled my
>driveway. the country did the
>sidewalks are ok in some areas
>but not in others. in the
>area you are talking about
>(its been a long time for me)
>i remember that i liked the
>idea of no side walks. but
>most of all it kept the taxes
>if you are complaining because
>you drive through the place
>and feel people do not belong
>walkong on the street, then
>you are wrong. as a driver,
>you have a responsibility to
>give way to a person walking
>on the street.
>don't try to force your
>beliefs on others, just
>because it inconvience to you.
>by the way, the people in the
>area you are complaining
>about, do care about their
>children and themselves.
>slow down, take time to smell
>the flowers.

hi rich, i am not a driver, i try to ride a bicycle, and people are out to kill me in that area........sidewalks would sure make a VERY big difference, an accident IS going to take place there, mark my words.......donna

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