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In case you hadn't caught on, it happens here (San Francisco) first.

Remember the Beatniks?

Right; began here. Actually migrated here from NYC, but caught on here. Named by Herb Caen, the late columnist with a genius way with words. After Sputnik, the Beats became beatniks. Like, cool, right, man?

San Francisco is so far out of line it has its own foreign policy. Don't ask me what the Bd. of Supervisors is for or against, because it changes every election, but does the NYC city council have its own foreign policy, apart from what it says about Da Bronx?

Does StatNisland have a foreign policy, other than to keep out Br**kl*nites?

So don't be surprised that we have laws against smoking in bars, workplaces, public buildings, jails, and anyplace else that has four walls and a roof, other than your house.

You see people from inside the buildings hovering outside the main door dragging on their butts, in groups. People walk past them smugly, like, "Get cancer! It'll serve you right." They don't greet each other.

Delaney's is upset because enforcing the rule against smoking in bars cost them 30% of their gross. Waiters and waitresses love the new rule and agitate in favor of it.

Restaurants predicted it would kill business, but that didn't materialize. If a guy dares light up a cigar after dinner in a restaurant, it's worth his life. It no longer happens. People speak out now, and there's a cultural war going on between the do's and the don'ts.

Cultural wars are never pretty.


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