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San Francisco sues bar for allowing smoking

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Where there's smoke,
there's a lawsuit.

The City of San Francisco filed suit Tuesday against
Delaney's Bar, charging the proprietor with causing a
public nuisance by allowing patrons to smoke on the

The suit, the first filed in San Francisco under a 1998
California measure banning all smoking in bars and
taverns, is aimed at enforcing the law and leveling the
competitive playing field, City Attorney Louise Renne

``The legislature has made it clear that smoking in the
workplace is over in California. Bars are no exception,''
Renne said in a statement announcing the suit.

Renne said many owners of nearby bars were beginning
to complain that Delaney's was getting more patrons by
allowing them to smoke an ``unfair and illegal business
practice'', in the language of the San Francisco suit.

Timothy Delaney, proprietor of the bar, had no comment
Tuesday. Officials said he had been warned five times
by health department officials. The suit seeks a court
order to snuff out all cigarettes in the bar, as well as
$2,500 in penalties for each violation.

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