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Not that it pertains to anything in particular, but it makes you think about the meaning of "True Love"

Walt Disney has described love in Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White.
These damsels in distress are rescued by Prince Charming and everything's alright.
But how do you know when love is true.
Is it when that person isn't around that you feel blue.
When You've dreamt about that faceless person all your life.
Suddenly that person has a face and has become real in your life.
It's so strange to wake up and know that you're in love.
You just happen to meet one day by chance.
All you know is that your life has changed with just one glance.
The eyes, the windows to the soul are so clear.
Your unsure of what will happen, yet you have no fear.
People have spoken of love at first sight.
But how do you know when something is right.
There's a feeling you get that no one else knows.
When that person touches you, you tingle all over and even curl your toes.
You have a happiness that becomes almost contagious.
People who don't understand think it's outrageous.
There's things that you feel that you can never describe.
There's no longer emptiness, only complete joy and happiness inside.
When love is right there's never anything wrong.
Nothing ever moves too fast because the feelings are so strong.
There's something about love that is unique.
It's only that persons arms and kisses you long to seek.
When you're in love there is no hesitation or fear.
When you find this once in a lifetime love..
Don't let it disappear. By CMMC


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