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What it takes to get a little cash for:

1-Pull up to the ATM
2-Insert the card
3-Enter PIN,
4-Take cash, card & receipt
5-Drive away.

1-Pull up to ATM
2-Back up and pull forward to get closer
3-Shut off the engine
4-Put keys in purse
5-Get out of the car because you're too far from machine
6-Hunt for card in purse
7-Insert card
8-Hunt in purse for grocery receipt with PIN written on it
9-Enter PIN
10-Study instructions
11-Hit "Cancel"
12-Re-enter correct PIN
13-Check balance
14-Look for envelope
15-Look in purse for pen
16-Make out deposit slip
17-Endorse checks
18-Make deposit
19-Study instructions
20-Make cash withdrawal
21-Get in car
22-Check makeup
23-Look for keys
24-Start car
25-Check Makeup
26-Start pulling away
28-Back up to machine
29-Get out of car
30-Take card and receipt
31-Get back in car
32-Put card in wallet
33-Put receipt in checkbook
34-Enter deposit and withdrawals in checkbook
35-Clear area in purse for wallet and checkbook
36-Check Makeup
37-Put car in reverse
38-Put car in drive
39-Drive away from machine
40-Drive 3 miles
41-Release parking brake

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