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Looking from the shore is the high water mark where the tide comes up to during the highest tides. Past that out in the water is the pierhead line, actually a line on the charts or maps that says for a particular how far out the piers or bulkheads can go. In between is the low tide line.
All the area between high tide line and pier-head line is public domain and free and open to anyone. As long as you can get access from the shore, like at the foot of Huguenot Avenue you should have free access. When I was a kid there used to be a private beach in between Huguenot and Arbutus and it had a little pier. Well I used to swim around the pier to get to the private beach and it was legal. they didn't like it but I didn't get booted off. I spent the dime on soda's anyway so the got it in the end.


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