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Well they have kept the area that they were going to build on as part of the dump. The dump has just seemed to get larger and larger over the years. When I went down for the 4th of July weekend, I had gone by there, and it seemed like if there wasn't part of the expressway there they would've extended it across. They will never build on any part of the dump sites, but what gets me is that they keep dumping chemicals as well as other hazardous materials in the dump, which is polluting the water surrounding it (Arthur Kill). They had done some studies on the Arthur Kill some years back, and they not only found that the waterway was toxic, but that the animals that lived in or around the waterway were mutating...frogfish etc etc. It was beyond was actually mortifying to see this. That was also what had stopped the building project too, because we had gotten a hold of these reports in order to strengthen our case even more. I hope I answered all of those questions...LOL


It actually saddens me to see the Island now, because it has lost almost all of it's beauty that it once had... The once wooded areas are now gone, replaced by mansions that just don't belong.The all but faded memories of childhood past, are crushed by the things that will last. Can you walk on the beach anymore? I think not. You can only step on needles and then who knows what you've got.


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