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On This Tuesday, July 13 in The Year of 1999

* Staten Island Decades To Come *

In 15 future decades,
Staten Island may be no more.

From the Halls of the Richmond Borough
They must surely find a way to hold the rest away.

They must enter Staten Island's halls of history to summon "The Men Of Castleton" from their oh so ghostly haze, with their not so techie ways.

Bold as brass Alas! Alas!
They will take no cities trash.

They will circle "The Island's" boundaries holding all good neighbors' hands. They will bring forth "seventeen hundred and ninety eight" older better ways, to this time take a newer, better mighty stand.

As they line "The Island's" gritt filled sandy shores, standing tightly side by side they will be sure to scream OUT LOUD - "We take NO MORE, we take NO MORE".
Direct "Our Island's" future, clear with better ways.

"The Men of Castleton" will protect this oh so special land. They will proudly create a better way...for the best of Staten Island's many decades still to come.

Alas! Alas! Each "Islander" must boldly start today.
Each on their own must "commit, commit" to shake their good neighbors pave the way of bringing about better cleaned uP bright, so shiny, so breathtaking to behold.

"StateNislanders" look around you at the beauty of "Her" heart filled land...It starts today; it's uP to "all". To cherish what's to come.


~*~*~ Staten Island ~*~*~
"Home Of The Heart"

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