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On 7/12/99 1:23:42 PM, Crismouse wrote:
In part:
>If I remember correctly, I
>think they tore it down a
>couple of years ago(?)

Hi Crismouse
The St. George Theatre is still standing at 19 Hyatt Street, in St. George, SI

It's boarded uP as BobC has noted - from what I'm told by and inside source there's some speculation going on about what the future holds for the old St. George. Some would like to see it renovated to it's "hay day" looks and re-open as a combination movie theatre/live stage performance theatre and feel the "city" should get involved in sharing the cost of a re due, others say "tear it DOwn" :((

"U" know who's screaming "tear it DOwn" the loudest don't "U" - dem progress people :(

I should have a better uPdate in a week or so.

I have a great article somewhere that was in the S.I. Advance in the late 60's when my deceased Father-In-Law & Company were dismantling that HUGE concert hall organ the St. George was once famous for and moving it to one of the late Dean Martin's restaurant/pizzeria's - I think it went to Texas or to Dino's Lodge in Hollywood, California on Sunset Strip.

Sure hope the newspaper pic will scan good...we'll see.

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