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Great topic! It is always a mistake to give up what you love in order to "resemble" some illusion of adulthood. I am working hard to reclaim that stuff I put away when I thought I was entering adulthood. Now that I am an adult, I can enjoy that stuff much more. Wheeeeee.

Yeaahh...Baby! YeeaaaaH!!!!

Dr. Sunderson Ate some partially processed Klaxton Fruit Cake accidentally, and...Well, this is what he bacame
Yeeahh! Baby..this Site is Grooovy Baby

The cryptic kid in all of us can come out if we let it. Take Dr. Sunderson for example. He can be the kid and the adult all at once.

We cannot reveal the circumstances surrounding Dr. Sunderson's Medical Misadventure when he accidentally ate some partially processed Klaxton fruitcake (aka "Kake Yankee" Jelly). We know that The National Bioethics Advisory Commission is looking into it, and Bubba wants some!

Please look at Hilts' article about "Undue Risk" in the New York Times Science/Health section on Tuesday 13 July '99 for further details.

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