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I posted this under NosTrivia because Gina had posted something about "The Spanish Camp" on the South Shore. Here it is anyway :)
Spanish Camp Questions
Conf: NosTrivia
From: Crismouse (
Date: Monday, July 12, 1999 01:19 PM

Thanks for posting that Gina. I lived only a short walk across the road and through the woods from there. I had a lot of friends over there too. When I left S.I. in 87 everything seemed to be ok there, of course there were a few exceptions over there that were kind of "seedy" people. I used to love just walking around there, and walking to the shore front down the hill from there. That shore holds a lot of memories for me, both good and sad...even just thinking about that time in my life brings the tears to my eyes. I can't understand why they would change it after all these seems uncivil to me. Those bungalows there are a part of's like all these rich schmucks want to erase every piece of S.I.'s history. :(
You know right now I have a right mind to go down there and walk into Molinari's office and tell him just what I think...It wouldn't be the first time.....hehehehe I worked on something called G.A.G. (groups against garbage) back in 86 with his daughter Susan...boy was that fun, we prevented those political idiots from covering the dump and building on it. They had the plans made up for the housing and everything for it...Imagine what the death rate and cancer rate would have been then *YIKES*.
Sorry I'll stop my whining and complaining :) These types of things have always gotten the best of me...LOL


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