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On 7/11/99 10:04:57 PM, BigPaul wrote:
>Could ya do me a fayva. If ya
>post a link could ya please
>include da web address. Dat
>way I can view it
>independently. And if I like
>it I can bookmark it. Lookin
>at it tru dis websight can be
>a pain in dee ass. I could not
>even get da 200 Staten Island
>web sights. Tanks a lot.

Paul (and whoever else may benefit):
A helpful hint:

Right click on the URL and select "open in a new window". This will allow you to keep the SI-Web active in one window and be able to view the new site in another window. You can also toggle back and forth between the two.

If you don't like the new sight just close the window.

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