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Some time back in the early forties there was a story in my family that we were related to a fellow called Clarence Gaskill (I think) who wrote a song called "Prisoner of Love." This is the song that Perry Como revived and made popular during Petrillo's musician strike. The kids I knew used to sing it with a variation in the lyrics, like this:
Alone from night to night you'll find me
Too weak to pull the chain behind me . . .

One day I asked my mother how we were related to this guy and she just laughed. She said, "You know your cousin Frank Sweeney who owns the Esso station? Well, Frank Sweeney once gave a transfusion to Clarence Gaskill. That's how we're related to him."

The thing is, I knew that I had a cousin Fronk Sweeney who owned an Esso station but I had never met him and I never knew where the Esso station was. Anybody old enough to remember where that might have been?

Jim Donnelly

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