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the 4th of July parade in the far South Shore went from Plesant Plains to the American Leagon post on Main Street in Tottenville. The parade was set up near a memorial on the street that extended off the turn of Amboy road. I'll look it up when I get home and provide an additional post. As the route got near downtown Tottenville it turned right off of Amboy and then made a left and entered Main Street near the train and ferry stop. After the parade there was always a good picnic behind the American Leagon post. When I was in the Navy I always thought about going back to the AL Post and having a beer in uniform there, but never did. Many here have seen me post about my hero's from the Navy that I served with. The patroic regular folks from my area of Staten Island are also what I think of during our special national holidays ~ Memorial day, Flag day, and the 4th of July. I also think of the veterans of WWII and Korea that were there during my childhood and the differences between them and my generation. There is alot of nastalaga and good things about SI and this web site brings much of that to the surface. There were also alot of Tottenville girls at the picnic - ah what fine memories...

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