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Thanks for the Welcome, Gina!!!

Already got my license(looks like a mug shot!).
Met the wildlife here too, most of it lives in trailers! Or carries cameras!!! LOL. Not to mention that I live by a pond so I DO have my own gators to contend with, and those freaky things that sound like ducks - ALL NIGHT LONG!!! Im used to cars and an occasional gunshot, but there are some REALLY weird noises here at night!!!! LOL
I dont have to worry too much about getting a sunburn, as my daughter calls me ~Dracula~ =o) Here 3 weeks and this week is the first Ive seen of the sun in ~sunny Florida~!!!!

Ill be at the picnic if we are all still here after Jan 1, 2000!!! Maybe thats why they didnt confirm the date!!! LOL

Thanks again for the info though!!!

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