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Curious about Staten Island Today? Still have good memories of yesteryear on "The Island". Here's a whole buncha links to web sites on the Internet created by or for Staten Islander's

The "preserved teeny boppers" can check out what teens on Staten Island are doing & interested in today...

Some of the sites have GREAT yesteryear pictures of "The Island"...dem black & white ones that look forever good. I really enjoy #1 with the snow shot.

Many of the web sites are wonderful, others I'll reserve my opinion about.

Hey! Maybe you'll run into someone you know. The rest is uP to "U" sooooooooo just click n go.

200 Plus Web Sites Related To Staten Island In One Way Or Another

I suggest "U" keep in mind most are stored on an aol server so some can be slowwwwwwwww to load but worth the wait.


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