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I believe this is true because the Prohibition Park association became the real estate developer of the whole area. Even streets that were constructed after my family moved to Westerleigh in 1950 had names already designated by the original developers. Of course, I could be full of blarney and this is the www you know.

My source of the names I mentioned in the piece I wrote in "the gathering" was this piece and a history given out by Immanuel Union Church. What I typed in (above) is actually a very yellowed newsletter from the PS 30 Parent's and Teachers Association not a book.

It's interesting that one of the previous (1915-1916) presidents of the PTA was F. Adams who I believe was related to the Adams of Chewing Gum fame. Maybe that is why all of us kids at PS 30 knew the story and why the bike room floor was paved in chewing gum ;)

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