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On 7/9/99 11:39:56 PM, TOMDGIMP wrote:
>I just moved down here to uh,
>"sunny Florida", and all I
>have seen so far ARE people
>from NY! Even though I myself
>circulated that joke quite
>awhile ago, I think it should
>be reversed, I think the New
>Yawker's pushed out the
OH NOOOOOOOOO! Not another New YaWker in Florida...Yikes, a StatNisland to boot...what's this place coming to. LOL

All kidding aside...Welcome To Florida Tom. Now ya gotta know that there'd be no Florida if it weren't for New YaWkers ROFL...lots of StatNislander's here too. Better mark the Staten Island Picnic Day - Florida in your appointment book now. It's tentatively scheduled for the 3rd Thursday in March 2000. I'll post the actual date when it's been confirmed by the S.I.P. Committee.

As soon as you here 10 years you'll probably be considered a native (native of what I don't know but that's what they say)

You'll probably run into 1 Florida born native per year...maybe.

Da Heat...get your Fla. plates & drivers license...they LUV to pull over New YaWkers and ask how long they've been here...hmmmm I think if you say more than 30 day "U" might get a warning or be asked for your autograph on a citation. Don't want ya starting out on the wrong side of da law.

Da other don't run out and try to tan uP in one day so "U" l^oo^k like a Floridian - you'll burn that dry New YaWker skin to a crisp. Be sure to use sun screen. Try to get tan in short spurts of about 15 min. a day till ya get used to dis place.

If you purchased a home be sure to file for your Homestead Exemption(s) will reduce your real estate taxes by at least $500. - better in your pocket.

Watch out for dem gators, rs & dblivit say they're all oVa da place...Enjoy the wild life Florida has some of the best.

Enjoy & Welcome To Sunny Florida :)

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