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I come back after 3 weeks and I'm glad to see how I didn't miss anything!!! I haven't run across this message, nor do I care to. I have MANY times stated my position on the chickensh*t practice of hiding behind anonymouse(hole), and won't repeat it. Then again, you DO have to be a sniveling little worm to start spewing crap about someone and then hide to do it.

To Gina: As I said I didn't see the latest B.S., although I have seen previous ones. It is only one individual's opinion(I hope), and this "person" has a serious problem. Remember that there are MANY of us who really don't give a sh*t what some spineless as*hole has to say!

To Admin: You do of course realize that by allowing this crap to go on you ARE enabling someone to PUBLICLY SLANDER someone else, and CAN be held responsible along with the idiot doing the slandering? I would suggest doing something before it goes too far, which in my opinion it already has!

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