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This Santa Ana thread strikes me as curious, as I hadn't heard of him in relation to StatNisland. I'd heard of Garibaldi living here before going back to reunify Italy. I wonder if they compared notes.

Up at Wagner there was a bust of Edwin Markham on display in the library, the old one under the eaves, before they built the new one in '61 or '62. His son taught English when I was there. The odd thing about Markham,senior, the poet, was that he was from San Jose, California, a rural farming suburb of San Francisco, later an orchard region. Today the farms and orchard are all gone, replaced by factories known as Intel and National Semiconductor, Advanced Micro Devices, and Apple, where they grow silicon chips with little lines etched in them. Computer chips that let us chat and reminisce.

Maybe we'd be better off trying to write a poem, as Markham did.


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