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On 7/27/98 4:41:24 AM, Gina wrote:
>I wish the Background of the Web Board
>was that nice soft linen color we had
>before or something close...white is to
>sterile and nondescript LOL


>I wish the newest post dates were at
>the top like Fuzzy suggested.
>I wish there were still a "new message &
>date" indicator next to each topic heading
>like the old web site so I didn't have
>to click on the + all the time and look at
>all the dates to find the most current.

there is, but it works a little differently now... when you first enter the board, use the "Mark All Read" button after having read all the messages - the next time you enter the board, the menu on the left will have a hyperlink which says "XX New Messages"

...if you click on that hyperlink, you will get a menu of only the new messages since your last visit - it helps save a lot of time!

>I wish the menu bar were across the
>top of all pages so I wouldn't
>have to click on back so much

I'm not sure I understand what you meant here... there are menu bars at the top of every message, with numerous features, including "top," "next," "previous," "previous topic," etc.

>I wish the "Chat" text font was a little
>bigger so me and all my friends with that
>Damned "over 40 vision plus" wouldn't have
>to pull out the "super specs" to read the
>chat lines.

this request is one I wish I could help with, but like Bob mentioned earlier, the software was created by another company, but I'm sure they will eventually add options for this

best regards,

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