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I do not know when it was built. I do remember when I was a pre-teen or almost a teen it was there. IN the thirties and this was about 1935, it was a very nice place to attend a movie. I saw so many stage shows there. The great organ and the vaudeville shows that were presented there were something.

I saw my first colored picture there. But, oh my this is letting the cat out of the bag, I fell in love with an usher I met at the Silver Lake WPA show. I was too young to have him come to the house so I would meet him at the St. George. He was an usher. Those guys looked like so much like gods in their uniforms. We would meet up in the balcony where no one would notice him chatting with me. He was supposed to be working. Kid stuff for sure LOL.

It only cost about fifteen cents for two movies, a newsreel, a comic and romance. LOL

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