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Well, well, well, we're finally getting down to the heart of the matter.

Ally youse guys are the descendants of RumRunners.

Imagine that, boats down at Great Kills Boat Basin (I know, Yacht Basin, but who had yachts in dose days, present company excepted, RumRunners, ya know).

And buyin' each other boats!

Why would I buy a guy a boat, unless there was somethin' in it for me, like a few cases of Canadian.

Jersey Sea Skiffs, I bet. That was the only good thing ever to come out of Joisey, as far as I'm concerned. A beautiful, clinker-built (lapstrake hulled, for you 'lubbers) boat designed to launch from the beach over the rollers, the most beautiful boat on the Lower Bay (there were few sailboats on the Lower Bay).

So, how does it feel to be descended from a long line of smugglers of the demon rum. Wonderful, I bet.

I have a friend who liked to join me in a few pizzas and a few pitchers. His grandmother was a temperance lady from around WesBrighton. You couldn't so much as mention going out for a few beers around her.

Going out for a few beers was a StatNisland custom, back in the late 'Fifties, when I was making my stage entrance.

"Bouncing" it was called. In those days you went bouncing, and hoped your car knew its way home, because you sure wouldn't.

StatNisland roads, in those days, were windy (long "i") formed, I was told, by cows whose instinct is to find the easiest way uphill. Very few people on StatNisland were arrested for DUI. Why? Because they usually wrapped themselves around a tree before a cop could get a clock on them, or notice them weaving. Going around the curves on Todt (aptly named) Hill road you always cut the curve and went over the line. I once came upon five people there, spilled out of an overturned car wrapped around an oak tree. Almost didn't stop, thinking they were just sitting around. I stopped and they were mad at me for almost not stopping. Turned out I knew some of them. Oneuvem later married a girl I really liked. They had just wrecked their car. Coming from the Sout' Shaw to the Nawt Shaw. Drinking probably had nothing to do with it. Chugging did.

At any rate, here's to alla you descendants of RumRunners. StatNisland's Own.

Any place with so many landing places for booze must have been heaven during Prohibition.


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