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figured it was too good to waste. She kept on lifting the bottle and lifted it right to her lips and drank the whole thing before she realized what she had done. She caught the open mouths of the crowd and decided to make a run for it.

the closer she got to the gate the slower she ran as the wine was beginning to take affect. A car came by and had to slow down as she was in the way. She jumped in the rear and said, "Please I am in a big hurry, can you take me to the Bayonne Ferry Terminal?"

the driver obliged her and left her at the toll booth. There were a couple of Nuns and a group of children waiting for the ferry and O.T. paid the fare and sat with them on the upper deck in the fresh air.

Poor Old Tymer. Why did that darn DBlivit keep her going back and forth to jail? Ever time the Queen got her out and figured she would be fine, DBlivit had her sent back on some charge or another. She was getting to old for this. But, she was getting on so well with Charlton Hairsuit. What would he do if she just did not come in with the buns in the morning? Well she knew he was going to soon find out. If she could just get to her sailor boy they could go off for a nice week-end of piece and quiet. She was getting stares from the Nuns and children. Wonder if they smell any wine on me?

The Nuns of course figured the old gal was a wino. wonder if she is homeless? Let's take her along with us to the retreat we are headed for after we drop these children off.
They asked O.T. to accompany them and not knowing what else to do for the moment, she did.

Well, here she was in Bayonne and heading for a Nunnery! Of all places for the salty old broad to be! She could of course sleep it off there.

When the Nuns got her settled in for the night, they had a chat down in the dining room. Who is this woman? She appears to be very well dressed and has plenty of salty language at her disposal. She is now singing a song that the Nunnery had never heard since first it opened it's doors. Fallink in Luv again, can't help it and so on and so on. Wonder what it means to her? Hmmmmmmmm

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