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Virtual family,

Familiarity breeds.........more familiarity. Before you know it yer family.

Bob, you must really feel honored that folks took notice of you even if you weren't looking. I am sure you are.

Some of us who didn't have the honor of knowing you, except sighting you taking aim with a snowball at the #6 bus on Victory Blvd, sure feel like we know you now.

I would gladly nominate you as the brother I wished I had. We could have spent long evenings talking about all kinds of stuff, maybe even getting some good advice.

Having a sister who graduated from Curtis in 1959 was great but there is something about having irreverent conversations with brothers that a sister couldn't master.

If you weren't spending all your time cloistered in the Curtis Swimming pool, you might have noticed my sister. Well that's water under the......


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