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On 7/8/99 8:51:24 AM, Art wrote:
>I guess you must be talking
>about a statue of a saint, but
>when you said smuggling I
>thought "FREEWAY."
>Art, I'm talking about General Antonio de Santa Anna of Mexico, (the Alamo massacre general) and sometime president of Mexico who lived in exile on Staten Island. I read about this in a William T. Davis legends of Staten Island book. I'm trying to find out where and with whom he lived. I did find out the most amazing thing that leaves me shaking my head and saying "Only in StatNisland!" It seems that while Santa Anna was in exile here, he brought with him a large quantity of "sopadilla" or the dried sap of a Mexican jungle tree. This stuff is also known as chicle. He used to chew it as was the custom in his country. He somehow hooked up with an inventor named Adams who tried to make rubber out of it. Santa Anna had introduced it to Adams. In any case, Adams ended up manufacturing chewing gum out of it which was ultimately marketed as "Adams New York Gum." Santa Anna on Staten Island and Adams in Manhattan are largely credited with the invention of chewing gum as we know it. Go figure!

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