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Thanks for the information.

I have looked at each site briefly, and have "book-marked" them for a return when I have a bit more time.

I have also read Patos' post.

These folks were an interesting bunch, indeed!

Although I am certain that somewhere along the way, some teacher or another must have disclosed that only nine of the original thirteen colonies (the absolute minimum required) approved the Declaration of Independence, I was surprised when I read this a short time ago.

For years, I believed that there had been unanimous support, by our forefathers in Congress, for the Declaration of Independence (although I was aware that there were deep divisions among the general population).

Also surprising was the fact that Pennsylvania -- the self-proclaimed "Cradle of Independence" -- (along with South Carolina) voted against adoption of the Declaration of Independence.

And I was equally surprised to learn that New York (the "Excelsior!" state) abstained from casting a vote.

The other colony that did not vote for adoption of the Declaration of Independence was Delaware. It cast an "Undecided" vote. (Fortunately, it then moved quickly enough after this to gain a consensus among its members so that it was -- at the time the vote on the Constitution came about -- able to be the first to vote for adoption (thereby earning its "First State" motto).

Finally (in keeping with the information supplied by Patos), it seems that the when New Hampshire cast the ninth and final vote -- thereby guaranteeing adoption of the Declaration of Independence -- it was actually July 2 (and not July 4).

For reasons that are, apparently, not clear, Jefferson had already inserted the date of July 4, 1776 on the "final" copy of the Declaration of Independence before it was voted upon.

Ah, the things you could learn if you only had the time. (Or . . . paid better attention "the first time around!).

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