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Welcome back, AdobeBlues! Haven't seen you around here for awhile, not that I blame you. You caught a lot of undeserved flak for responding to questions about your restaurant's intriguing menu; questions that I asked, come to think of it. People thought you were self-promoting when you were answering questions.

As a '62 graduate of Wagner, with two years of Spanish there, after four with Ms. Eakin at Curtis, I remember your father reasonably well, in the sense that I can picture him in my mind. However, Doctor Tirado wasn't the particular Cervantes aficionado I had in mind, I don't think. Your dad's stature, as I recall, was on the short side. The Spanish teacher I have in mind was younger and somewhat taller, as I recall. If only I could think of his name. I wonder if it was the same. Now you've got me digging into areas long since out of mind. Do you recall any of the other Spanish teachers?

Don't hesitate to tell me about Adobe Blues, again; the update, so to speak. Still have the creative menus? What kind of music are you featuring? Do the Islanders like to come in? To eat? Drink? Dance? All? What age groups do you attract the most? What part of the Island are you located? Any off-islanders drop in? We get a number of queries here about where to stay when visiting. Any suggestions? If so, you might put them up top, instead of down here where they might not get noticed.

Amazing, Doctor Tirado's kid. The reason I think I never was a student of your father was that in six years of studying Spanish, I was never once taught by a native speaker of Spanish, which I believe Dr. Tirado was.

That's why I can't speak the language, apart from the tin-ear. But I did okay on all the Spanish Regents, which goes to show you about what counted then, and probably now.

What I needed was a good live-in dictionary, muy sympatica, preferible!


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