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So true. This could get worse before it gets better.

However. In this world you can only take things one step at a time. Milosevic makes his move, we make ours. We stop him.

Then the losers start in again.

Some time later, they get their chance. Then all hell breaks out again.

The next war can usually be found in the document settling the last war. The Versailles Treaty settling WWI is regarded as the seedbed for WWII, twenty years later. Why?

There were a lot of embittered Germans who bridled under impossible reparations duties that made working for a living useless.

Yet, you have to have an agreement settling conflicts.

The trick is to make an agreement which both sides have a stake in upholding, rather than subverting, same as any agreement you help put together. The inability to do this is what makes settling the Northern Ireland troubles so difficult.

More Russians are now being allowed by NATO into Kosovo.
You think they'll ever leave?


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