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Very nice article -- both the presentation and factual research involved were well done!

I am certain that similar fates fell on many other of the signers. I don't think that any actually gained from taking this great leap forward.

Perhaps your research will come up with the destiny of other signers. If so, please post here, as I found the information you provided both interesting and thought-provoking.

When you consider what the total population of the United States was at the time, it is truly remarkable that that our young country was able to attract so many of its bright lights to such a historic, momen-tous endeavor (and, as you pointed out, fully knowing that to lose most certainly meant meeting their Maker at the end of a hangman's rope!).

Why do you think that we just don't seem to draw the same high-quality men to our nation's leadership today?

Or, are we simply just too close to the situation to objectively calculate their contributions to our well-being and to the preservation of the nation? Are rewards -- such as they may be -- only delivered by the "messenger of history?"

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