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Having lived in Huntington Beach since I moved there in 60, there always were a lot of female surfers there. What's new about that?

Many a kid, male and female cut high school classes just up the main street from that beach to go surfing when surf's up was announced about the halls of the Huntington Beach High School.

Of course a lot of those same kids just took their boards to the beach and sat on same to look "cool".

This craze is giving way to a new hobby at the local school. They replaced the local school tennis courts with skate board areas and for twenty-four hours this area is full of kids doing their "thing".

It is well lit and the nights are as busy as the day.

Every time I go down south now to visit my daughter who lives about a block down the street I am amazed. How different from when I was in high school and we thought we were so great as Curtis had an inside pool. LOL

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