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I once did a field trip to SI for my college geology class. It was a long time ago. But si has lots of geological features. For instance - there are outcroppings of the palisades which pop up in various parts of the island. These are the same exact palisades which from the cliffs of NJ near the GW bridge. It all one rock and it slips under SI where it pokes through the surface in spots. Most of SI is formed by a huge greenish rock called serpentine. You see it in abundance when you ride the si expressway and pass where the hills had to be blasted near SI college. Yes those greenish rocks. Serpentine has natural talc in it. The same substance which is used to make the powder. You can also see it in the hill overlooking the Berry homes if you dig in the open fields there. Also the little bit of an incline on Hyland Blvd near kramer street and lamport blvd is a terminal marine, or in other words, it's where the last ice sheet stopped during the last ice age. There's more, like sink holes in toad hill and a discontinuity line (where the soil layer skips 1 million years) in Princess Bay. Just do your research.

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