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OT got the signalman to contact the "Greasy G" (fleet oiler AO-32, the USS Guadalupe) and with his hand talk, he passed on to OT the word: her man had missed the last liberty boat and was subsequently put on an all-hands working party.

The work detail was no small task: the Battleship USS Missouri got stuck in the mud in the Kill van Kull right off the Bayonne Navy Yard. All sailors and marines who were not on liberty or leave were expected to man catamarans supplied by the NYC dept. of Parks and help tow the Big Mo free. The parkies would supply lifeguards as coxswains, but the muscle power would be provided by the military.

OT realized it would be a while before her sailorman got liberty again, but she was fed up with the work release program at Richmond County Jail and babysitting the royal brats at the castle while Queen Regina tripped the life fantastic at the Tavern on the Green in New Dorp. The Queen begged her to babysit "just one more time" because this was the last week the Elegants would be on SI.

Therefore, OT decided to run away to sea. She took the #1 Richmond Terrace stinky red bus to Mariner's Harbor and got off by Brewer's drydock. She was able to walk in through the main gate and no one checked her...everyone was at a launching ceremony for a new tincan. As the crowd of yardbirds and navy people saw OT approaching, they came running down the scaffolding and escorted her up the ladder. They had a request: Eleanor Roosevelt was supposed to be here to christen the new tincan and launch her by breaking a bottle of champagne on the bow. Eleanor couldn't make it, so would OT do the honors?

OT said she would be delighted, and the officials presented her with a bottle of Thunderbird wine (they would save the champagne for Mrs. FDR) and told her to launch the ship. OT held the T-bird bottle by the neck, took a mighty swing and.....

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