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Good question. If you watched PBS News Hour tonight Gen. Clarke was asked when NATO will be up to full strength in Kosovo. He replied due to the logistics involved it would be at least 60 more days.

If the Korean's moved we do not have the manpower there to stop them. We would probably have to rely heavily on the ROC army. In addition we would have to move more aircraft into the region. Many of which have not returned from the NATO campaign. We are down to 12 carriers. But that is misleading as one is used for training. At any time we may have up to 3 in the yards for repair/upgrades. We do have one forward deployed in Japan. It would steam to Korea assuming it is not already there. Of the other seven at least one is always off Iraq. As a rule three are in port after deployment. Assuming you leave one off Yugoslavia you could deploy two more . But, the Navy is at least 8,000 seaman short. Too much sea time, away from there families. An airlift of support troops could take weeks. The Pentagon has been pressing the two war theater. But it appears to have fallen on deaf ears. What if the Iraqis and Serbs move at the same time? For a wild card the Chinese. We no longer have the "stake" to play in all the games.
Either we up the ante (rebuild the military) or pick our wars. The question is what do we chose to defend?

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