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The GreatJB,

Your story about your dad brings attention to greatness in real "adults," that is....Unrecognized Heroism. Not all heroes are self-promoting people like the one's we learn to call heroes after they become famous in the media. It is the quiet, selfless people who every day make huge sacrifices so that the people they love....even people they don't even know can live better, happier, healthier lives.

The story about Columbine high school is a sad contrast. I keep thinking that these dad's worried more where they would get the next high priced SUV or BMW rather than whether their kids had values. Not your dad or mine. Both of them regularly gave up those luxuries so we could live better lives and succeed.

This morning as I proofed my story about my dad before launching it onto the web, I could hardly see because my eyes were full of tears. His love for me almost went anonymously away except for the time I sat with him before he died. He said, after he honored me with a complement about graduating from medical school and securing a residency at Johns Hopkins, "I guess now it's time.......there is nothing more I need to do."


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