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Nice to see you check in, DBlivit, sh*tp*cker tho' you are.

Baby Oil and Iodine! Who knows about that today? Shall I tell you about the basal cell carcinoma I had carved out of my lip, for lack of wearing sunblock and a wide-brimmed hat in six years on StatNisland beaches? A few battle scars on an aging face lend character, I always say.

The girls love it.

That's the next thing I always say.

Some of the things I say are true.

My eldest son is touring Germany with his rowing team. Osnabruck, Dresden, Berlin, and Gott-knows-where next.

Looking for the Lorelei, I think.

Try 86th Street and York Avenue, a block from the Rhineland and Der Bund.

Sprech any Deutsch? I asked him earlier tonite.

I've been speaking it, he tells me. Got a lesson from his team-host's vader.


When he get's back, he can visit Wagner College, StatNisland, Noo Yawk, USA.

You could learn a little German there!


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