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Well isn't that nice that the test you took "nailed you to a T" and that you "recognized" yourself when you saw the results! However! Did it ever dawn on you that others may not be so self~aware???? Are you going to try to tell me that you've never ever encountered someone that thought they were all that *snaps her fingers* ...and a bag of chips...

.....and was in all actuality a total dip stick?

And as far as personal "change" is concerned: I suppose if I believed as you did...that a leopard can NOT change it's "spots"...then I'd also
believe those personality tests were worthless. However....I DON'T! I think a leopard CAN change it's "spots"! It's called...evolvement...advancement.....enrichment.....GROWTH!

Are you going to tell me that you're EXACTLY the same person better no worse...than you were on day 1???? I don't think so!

Now! As far as going from who you were at the time you took those tests at the
seminar to "Donald Trump" or "Bill Gates": Why does there have to be a COMPLETE and OBVIOUS metamorphosis for the test to have value? Isn't it possible that there can be minor growth? Every journey DOES start with one step...does it not? Isn't it also possible that just because there isn't any big Whoop-T-Doo after the test that there has still been some growth on the subconscious level....which in essence would be another manifestation of a "first step" towards change??? Isn't some growth better than no growth?

You're statement that being yourself is "enuf trouble" without having to be "them" is absolutely true...and I'm in total agreement....

.....but again I say...WHY strive to be "them"!!!! What makes "them" so almighty special???? Why couldn't you just set
your OWN goal and navigate your OWN path?

I do believe that you missed the whole point of the test. The role of the test is NOT to "pigeon hole" anyone! Did you or did you not take the test in private? Unless you reveal the results to anyone....the entire escapade remains private! Soooooo! Where then is the "pigeon holing"????

Now! If you want to get into a debate about the various yardsticks that most societal and bureaucratic establishments use to base their "decisions" on...that's another story....but before you get your book of Roberts Rules out I think I should let you know that you won't have a dissenting voice in me! I agree with you!

Look at the school system we have here in NYC! It's falling to the ground faster than you can say Jack Robinson! And why???? I'll tell you why! It's because of all of the BS that it's built upon! For some gosh awful reason.... the *gag* "powers" to be in today's educational system think it's A O.k. to "test" and "place" a child anywhere THEY THINK "it" belongs....but "Teachers" have total immunity from the same sort of procedures! (And no! I didn't make a mistake! I said "it" because in all too many instances children today are treated like "things" instead of as people with their own minds and feelings.) A child "fails" a test...and it's just that....the child "failed". (Or so "they" say!) An entire class "fails" to comprehend the subject matter before them.....and what does the Teacher get? Tenure? A raise???? A principalship???

Soooooo you see rs! There's no need to highlight the injustices in law inforcement! You're right of course! They're there. I see them. I think we all see them. They're wrong and they're sad....

....but injustice in our land is much much more pervasive than that!!!!

Woe is the day that we don't believe that!

And before anyone attempts to
go there......I just want to make it clear! I do not think that every Teacher, Principal or member of the Board of Education is bankrupt of decency and fairplay. There are many many MANY of them with high ideals and morals....and they do the very best they can under what most of the time are very difficult circumstances. They are no more corrupt a people than are any other sect of people...and that of course goes for the POLICE too!

I can't remember the exact I'll go for content....but there was a wonderful quote of Anne Franks that I read in her "Diary" when I was a young girl....and i was something to the effect that basically....she still believed that people were good at heart. I believe that as well. I just think that some of them...are weak. It's a corrupt SYSTEM that allows those weaknesses to take presidence over the strengths.

That's why self awareness is so important. Knowledge is power. Self-Knowledge is inner strength.

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