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My best wishes and prayers go out to you, your Dad, and to your entire family.

Having lived in both Staten Island and in the Syracuse area, I can well understand the attractions that each has for you.

Both places have areas that are truly "God's Country" and, unfortunately, both have areas that can only be described as "the pits."

I suspect that what you miss most about being away from Staten Island is the smell (nowadays, it has to be at just the right time!) of the clean, salty air coming in off of the bay.

However, Staten Island doesn't have any lakes that can compare to what is just a short drive away. Nor do they have the rolling drumlins or the majestic mountains.

Or are you able to drive for hours and hours on Staten Island and not see one housing development after another. (If you drive for too long on Staten Island, you'll wind up in the bay or the harbor or somewhere else under water!

I think, as time goes by, you'll see that Syracuse has more to offer.

Best wishes.

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