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With all the red soil made up of iron oxides and bauxite one might imagine that Staten Island was a meteorite that fell from outer space already populated. I'll bet FawCawnahs was der befaw New Dorp!

Seriously, I don't know much about real geology but somewhere in the back of my memory I recall that iron and other metals are usually found in the bottom of volcanoes. It could be that Staten Island was once a very tall volcanic mountain that was worn down over the years to what it is today. The serpentines, amalgamates and schists go along with repeated volcanic activities.

I used to collect rocks and minerals when I was at PS30. Mr. Kacsur, the shop teacher, taught me about the rocks on Staten Island. He also used to take me along with his family on cave exploring trips. His house used to be near the edge of the serpentine quarry where I told you the unique flowering plant grew. That spot is likely to be somewhere in the sky over the expressway now in the stretch between FawCawnas and Clove Road.


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