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After Ike had his stroke, he didn't have too much to say that didn't come out garbled.

Reagan never made me think the light was on under the beautiful head of dyed hair. Always thought he was mouthing lines or platitudes, same difference with him. His best and most memorable statement came from writer Peggy Noonan, who quoted a poem about loosing the surly bonds of Earth, in reference to the Challenger disaster, where seven astronauts, including Christa McAuliffe, the schoolteacher, perished in, hopefully, an instant.

JFK had terrific speech writers...inspired a generation, mine.

The Soviets have a history of geriatric leaders who have to be propped up when they can stand at all. Yeltsin is now the leading current example. Last week Khruschev's son became an American citizen. I guess we can't be all bad.

Clinton is the antithesis of that. He never stops thinking and he can string thoughts together with the best of them.

Whether you like the thoughts is another question.

When you're projecting a what, multi-trillion dollar surplus over the next fifteen years, you can say anything you want, is my motto.

Too bad he's only got a few more months in office. Things are kinda dull, what with the Balkan War on interrupt for awhile. Maybe we could send over a replacement for Monica.
We can start looking in one of the bars on Hylan Blvd.

They still have bars on Hylan Blvd., I hope, as I may want to go back for the quick tour. You know, check out the StatNisland Hotel, 'n all.


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