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Now that's what I call StatNisland progress.

From the no-tell, no-tel, motel, no-tv either, I'll bet, three hour stays our specialty, two for the price of one, to the StatNisland Hotel, all nite long for one flat rate. Continental Breakfast (New Jersey Ham 'n Eggs, N.J. being the Continent for the likes of us).

I always liked the back roads behind the dunes at Great Kills Beach myself. No tv, no phone, no breakfast, and no cops, if you were lucky! Backing out without getting stuck in the sand was always a challenge with steamed windows.

Which reminds me of a story.

Fella is changing at the locker room after a round of golf and his partner asks him how long he's been wearing a bra and panties.

"Ever since my wife found a pair in the back seat of my car!"

So much for Oulde StatNisland, the land of the Dutch, and the In-Dutch.


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