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That is fascinating that Thoreau visited Staten Island. Thanks for posting it. It is a keeper. I downloaded it and added it to my word files.

In your browsing did you also find "Days afield on Staten Island," a book by William T. Davis. He was a personal friend and colleague of Audubon. He staked out some swamp area on the island which I visited with Mr. Arend and the Audubon society of PRHS in 1960. Is the William T. Davis wildlife sanctuary still there?

Audubon used to frequent Staten Island to document the wildlife and I am sure some of his drawings of shore birds were done on Staten Island.

Since these open places were a part of my life as I grew up, the Staten Island of my memory will always bring me pleasure. The Staten Island of the present will need thoughtful people like sipoet to remind those less careful that these fragile things are worth preserving.

Best wishes to sipoet for her poetry and her wedding celebration.

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