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Did you ring rs???? *LOL* I heard that someone was calling for a metaphysician!

O.k.! Let's see here! *reading patients chart (post)* Hummmm So you have a "headache" you say??? Let me see.....Exactly how long have you had it for??? Does it hurt only when you're thinking??? Does it hurt all the time??? It the pain acute or is it chronic???

Never mind! We'll cut to the chase! Barring any serious metabolic problem (and you need to let a traditional physician check that aspect out before attempting this)'s not a problem for a metaphysician! In case you didn't know it...we all have the potential to heal ourselves with a few simple "flexes"! Yep! That's what I said..."flexes".

No beno! Not the baywatch kind of flex! *LOL* (Or is that flesh?) Never mind! I don't know! I'm digressing too much here! Back to the headaches!

O.k.! So you have a headache. (That's an editorial "you" now.) You're in agony. Your head is throbbing and for whatever reason you don't want to take anything like a tylenol or an asprin. Maybe you can't because of other health issues. O.k.! So What do you do for relief you ask??? I'll tell you! You employ REFLEXOLOGY treatments on yourself.

Reflexology (for those who don't know about it) is a COMPLIMENTARY THERAPY that involves the treatment of various disorders by applying pressure to either the feet or the hands. Precise areas of the feet and hands correlate to particular parts of the body. (It's also used as a diagnostic too but I wouldn't ever depend solely on that!)

As a diagnostic tool the Reflexologist analyzes the hands and feet for areas of discomfort. These areas (if there are any) are said to be area of IMBALANCE in the body...and as such are deemed being in need of "treatment".

"Treatment" involves applying direct pressure to the precise reflex point(s) that correlate to the diagnosed (or specified) area of discomfort. The pressure applied is firm but never heavy.

The reflex points for the "head" are located in and around the Thumb (and Big Toe). A bit of gentle and rythmic pressure to the soft fleshy part between the thumb and index finger usually decreases the pain of a headache significantly in a matter of moments!

Caution! DO NOT TRY THIS ON YOUR OWN! Seek the advise and counsel of a traditional MD first!!!! Certain conditions such as acute infection, diabetes, epilepsy, heart condition, osteoporosis, phlebitis or thrombosis, pregnancy or replacement surgery (such as hip replacements) make this an absolute NO NO!!!! Even if none of those conditions knowingly should STILL see a traditional physician FIRST! As I said up above....Reflexology is a COMPLIMENTARY THERAPY!!! It is NOT to be used without expert advice and supervision.


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