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See that rs! I just knew you were a really cool guy! *LOL* You even have your own ~Crystal~ Ball and everything!

Question: Does that thar ~Crystal~ Ball of yours happen to be made of QUARTZ CRYSTAL???? If so...I'll betcha anything that not only do you get help in answering those deep soul searching questions...but you're super duper HEALTHY as well! Yep! I said healthy! Crystals have long been know for their curative effects.

Is that a bit too esoteric for ya?? O.k.! Not a problem! I'll make it scientific then!

Did you know that energy field of quartz and it's ability to oscillate at a precise frequency is known as "piezoelectricity"??? And did you know that quartz is a major contributor to our communications systems??? Yep! It's true! Computers, sonar, watches, medical electronics, TV and radio stations......all access that amazing and undeviating energy.... which selects and isolates a specific vibration so it can be used without interference from others.

"Piezo" (for the record) means applied pressure-generated electricity. Quartz the most economical source of that energy. Heck! (Yes BobC! I said HECK! *LOL*) Quartz is sooooo economical that new crystals can even be grown from just a slice of another one! (Can't beat THAT for a bargain!)

Beware though! It's not QUITE as easy as it sounds! The frequency of the vibration is a factor of the SHAPE and SIZE of the crystal! Manipulation of those two factors are what's employed when they're used in the manufacturing of electronic devices.

To the best of my knowledge.....this phenomenon was first discovered by none other than Madame Curie and her brothers in their Paris lab wayyyy back in the ole 1880's!

Pretty interesting heh???

Now rs....this part is solely for you! On account of the fact that you have your own private CB! *S*

You know....when I said CB I actually meant Crystal Ball...but WHO KNOWS! Maybe it'll work like a Citizens Band Radio and you'll really contact someone! *LOL* Stranger things have happened! I said earlier...the size and shape are mucho importante! AND....for metaphysicians....that goes double! For them (us *LOL*)....the shape is always SMOOTH and CURVED because it is THAT shape that is said to be the most conducive to the amplification of personal mind and body energy.

One more thing! Regarding the transmission of energy and crystals: Crystals do not actually "hold" an electrical a battery does.....but they do supposedly have a "memory" of sorts which legend says is ~turned on~ when it comes in
direct contact with the human body.

Fact??? Fiction???? Only your Gypsy knows for sure!

Or..... do YOU know too????????? *S*

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