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Dadoo....You say: "How do you know things are real???" I say: Precisely! You can't know that anything is absolutely or categorically "real"! You, I, and anyone else for that matter, can only analyze the validity of something up to and on par with, the level of our own perspective, which is why you can't use what you personally think is "TRUTH" to help someone grow. YOU may sincerely think you have something to enlighten me with. (That would be your "truth".) I may think that what you have to say it hog wash. Am I right? Are you right??? All of that remains to be seen...and in all actuality the verdict in that kind of scenerio might not be seen untill (if ever) somewhere way down the line. And, speaking from the Pyschological standpoint....when considering human beings as a species.....the majority actually "learn" and "grow" with greater advancement and enrichment....when they're not "forced" to do so. If someone appeals to my sense of reason...they just might be able to reach me....teach me....and possibly even convince me.........but by wielding something as subjective and as relative (by virtue of your own words I might add *S*) as "Truth" as a weapon....what we actually do is create an environment of ill feelings all the way around. The value of any knowledge gleened in that manner is always mitigated by the negative repercussions...and there always are some!

Not only is it a maxim of KARMIC LAW.....but of traditional science as well...."For every action....there is an equal and opposite reaction."

I'd much rather appeal to the heart and soul with love....then a weapon! C'mon! Wouldn't you??? *S*

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