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Well done Gina! I'd say Bravo....but it's far too yucky a subject....and just seems out of place....but you know what I mean! Right?

I must admit that when I posted the info...I did in fact think of "The Mosquito Man". All I can say on that score is that while the effects were apparently none the less damaging....I don't think that at that point in time....people knew of the peril involved....or at least if they did...I don't believe the poor "Mosquito Man" did.

HOWEVER.....the same can't be said for the following! I've never used them (Thank God!) well...I just didn't believe in them! I guess you could call it my 6th sense or whatever....but did you know that TAMPONS have asbestos in them??? Yep! That's what I said! Asbestos! The manufacturers of Tampons KNOWINGLY and WILLINGLY put asbestos in tampons because it exacerbates the bleeding....which OF COURSE leads to an increase in sales for them! What a sad commentary on our societies value system. And if you're wondering WHY they're "allowed" to do's because according to The Food and Drug Administration...a tampon is not something "ingested"...and so it's exempt from the "rules"!

Bottom line???? Think once, twice, FIFTY times....before you put ANYTHING in your body!!!!

And I do mean ANYTHING!

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